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Dr. Xavier Burch



Young Black Professor



Unbroken Owl


I am a photographer located in Daytona Beach, Florida who loves sheer creation.

I began my journey in photography as I was nearing the completion of my Doctorate Degree. I truly felt as though earning my degree was a monumental moment and I wanted to capture this goal, this achievement, and this dream that had become a reality. However, upon my efforts to seek a photographer, I noticed that numerous people with quality work were charging and starting their prices with at least $400 for one hour with very few pictures to be received. Thankfully, God blessed me with the opportunity to purchase a camera and I bought my first camera because I decided that I would rather spend the money on a potential skill, take my own pictures, and help others that may be in the same situation as I was at that time.

After weeks of practicing, a close friend of mine assisted me with taking the graduation pictures with my newly purchased camera. Throughout my practices and photo editing, I fell in love with photography. I found that I love to capture moments, evoke emotions with photographs, and tell stories through a creative process. Now, as a photographer, I am able to meet wonderful people like yourself, capture beautiful smiles, and show the world the inner beauty that it holds from people to plants, mountains to cities, and daytime coffee to the thriving night life. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Thus, I wish to capture at least five times my dissertation.

The Nickname, Unbroken Owl

The nickname, Unbroken Owl, was randomly given to me by someone unexpected. I took to the name as I am, indeed, a night owl. At night, the creative juices start flowing and sometimes I cannot stop the urge to be creative. Through all of the tedious works, I remain faithful and walk by faith with hopes to make a positive impact with any art that I am able to create and give to this world.

How It Started

University of South Florida | Tampa

How It Started

UNiversity of South Florida | Tampa

How It Started

University of South Florida | Tampa