Photography & Videography Packages

Film Packages

Travel Fee

A travel fee will be added to sessions and events outside of the City of Daytona Beach at the mileage rate of 67 cents per mile.


Do you photograph newborns?

Though they are absolutely amazing and I would be honored, at this time, I do not hold sessions for newborns.

Can I split a shoot for professional photos and portraits?

Absolutely! In our meeting, please inform me of your ideas, so that we may allot time to both professional headshot and portraits (e.g. 30mins professional/ 90mins portraits, etc.)

Can I extend the session on the day of?

If I do not have a following event and you are willing to invest into more time, absolutely! However, if you are aware before hand, I would love to know your ideas of the changes for the session!

What kind of gear do you use?

Great question! I use a Sony A7iii Camera, Sony 35mm-70mm lens, Voltron 85mm lens, with P60x Amaran and Godox 400 Pro lighting.

Does one location mean only one spot?

Perfect question! If it is an outside shoot, no! For instance, if the shoot is downtown, in a park, or at an outside location with feasible walking conditions, we may be able to walk around and find different backgrounds! However, this is to be disclosed in the meeting prior to the session. A two-location session must have the second destination within a 10 mile radius or an extra charge may occur. However, this too must be discussed in the meeting prior to the shoot.

Steps to Booking

  • Inquire about availability and package by submitting the Contact Form on the Contact Page.
  • Schedule a virtual meeting to discuss the details and expectations of the session and book.
  • Let's have a session!